3 comments on “One Season TV: Earth2

  1. If you were alive in the mid 90s, you would realize how good this series was in comparison to other science fiction series of the time. Compared to soap trek I mean Star Trek the next generation.

    I agree with many of your comments, especially with Morgan being the worst actor ever. You could mention that they had plans for a second season and were going to retool the show. Go to YouTube and search for the season two promo, done for studio executives. You will see that he is killed off , as is Yale the criminal cyborg. Much less of the annoying kid was planned also. Less Terrian and Grendar interaction and more aliens from other planets. They understood what worked and what didn’t, much like you did. It’s possible the network pressured the writers to focus on the wrong things, like little Uly, as it is so common in television. I would love to see SyFy or Netflix pick the series up , like they did Battlestar Galactica.

    • I do like this show. I have a soft spot for this and seaquest. Im a little negative but it’s all in good fun. I would LOVE a reboot of this show. Way past due.

      • This show is unique in that the leader is not really everyone’s leader. As was made quite clear in several early episodes, Danzinger and the Morgans do not work for the beautiful and Rich leader of the Eden project. Hence while she is the leader, they often do not take her orders. This is different than Star Trek and most every other science-fiction interplanetary quest, even galaxy quest. LOL.

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